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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions!

Q: What is acceptable identification?

A:We only accept government issued ID's for all piercings regardless of the clients age.
(i.e. Drivers license, passport, or birth certificate)

Q: Do we pierce minors?

A:We do offer  piercings for minors.Any piercee under the age of 18 MUST book a “Minor” booking service. For anyone over the age of 18, please book through the 18+ menu, thanks!
(Adult attending procedure MUST  be present for consultation)

Q: Are Kids Allowed?

A:Although we are a child friendly establishment, we would also like to note that we are not child care providers and any minor MUST be accompanied by their legal guardian at ALL times.(Some exhibits in the gallery may be large and sometimes sharp!)

Q: Do you use piercing guns?

A:We can not stress enough how bad being pierced with this outdated technique is. We will NEVER pierce our clients with piercing guns!

Q: What type of metal do you use?

A:We offer the highest quality jewelry from names that are trusted and known in the industry. Our selection of jewelry ranges from surgical grade steel,  implant grade titanium, and different styles of gold. 

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