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"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

Angelina's Rose is your body piercing expert in the Upper Valley. We are dedicated to doing quality work, and we always get the job done at the highest standards. Our team is comprised of body piercing specialists who provide excellent, professional experiences for all of our clients. We always use the highest quality equipment and supplies to ensure you are treated like royalty. Experience our work, and see the Angelina's Rose difference.


With over 7 years of hands on experience and more than a decade in the industry, this was a match made in heaven. Arundell "Dell" Robinson started his journey in body art at Mom's Tattoo in Keene, New Hampshire and became one of the first micro dermal piercing practitioners in New England. After deciding to move to Massachusetts, Dell featured at a few shops before landing a space in the South Shore of Mass. A few years of learning the ropes on the business side of the industry, Dell moved back to the twin states where he would learn the trade of welding and regain his love of art, spirituality, and life. The son of a mother who came from an island who's name means "flowers", Angelina's Rose is where all are welcome to come find themselves.

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